It's an Election Year

Who on the team is most electable? Hmm, good question.
  • The Fixer - Too young (according to the Constitution)
  • Vampire Slayer - Too young and outspoken (you should have seen her reaction to our snubbing)
  • The Jokester - Is Al Franken still funny? Humor and politics don't mix. Keep the funny guy funny!
  • Bat Whisperer - No outspoken whacko left wing liberal like her could ever get elected...
  • ShammyRocker - He's certainly diplomatic. But it is Irish Diplomacy - the ability to tell someone to go to hell and have them look forward to the journey. Lack of citizenship would have the birther's up in arms.
  • Mother of Three - Well there was no such thing as democracy when I tried it on my mother, but maybe she could use that powerful mother's withering look to get Congress in line!

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