The Fixer

While all the other racers on the hillclimb circuit are doing everything they can to shave weight off their bikes, The Fixer, does what he can to make his ride more challenging, whether it's doing an ultra-marathon on fixed, or using a heavy steel bike with couplers and knobbly tires for a hillclimb race. Ah to be young!

  • Member of 2011 NE Gent's Race winning team, the 52 Vincents
  • Fixed Gear Record Holder for Saratoga 24 Hour - 411.20 miles
  • Winner - 2009 Silver Sojourn - 272.2 miles in 16H 58M on fixed gear
  • Tandem Record holder (with Vampire Slayer) for Saratoga Triple Lap Challenge
  • Clark Kent demeanor belies feet faster than a speeding bullet train

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