(Irish Rocker of Chamois)

Dreams of riding a tandem with Shamrock and in a non-bizarro world, would not throw Avenger, Emma Peel, off the tandem either. Having experienced the super-hero gaseous emissions coming from the front of the tandem, Bat Whisperer is in no way worried about by the prospect of being replaced.

  • Earned a Rapha Festive 500 Roundel in 2011
  • Member of 2011 NE Gent's Race winning team, the 52 Vincents
  • Member of winning Ride Studio Cafe Team for 2011 Green Mountain Double 
  • Completed race up Mt Washington umpteen times, including a sub-hour outing
  • With Mother of Three, destroyed the Mt. Washington Tandem Record in 2010
  • Paris-Brest-Paris ancien in 1991 and 1999
  • Completed Boston-Montreal-Boston in 1992,  1994, 1996, and 2000  
  • Steamier than an iced-cappucino

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