The Cafe Stoker

The Cafe Stoker can make a mean espresso, fix a flat tire, sell a custom bike and tweet about it simultaneously. She juggles all these activities every day at the Ride Studio Cafe, smiling and laughing the whole time. 

  • Winner of 2011 Ride Studio Cafe Tour of the Unattended (ToTU)
  • Podium finisher of each long-course Gran Fondo entered in Italy in 2010. Top 10 time among women 19-40 at the Gran Fondo Nove Colli short course. It made sense to her, a vegetarian, to race for prosciutto, salsiccia and capocollo along with some fine Italian wine to wash it down. 
  • Raced at the Cat 2 level locally in Colorado and a finisher of NRC Pro races Redlands Bicycle Classic and Nature Valley Grand Prix
  • Conversational in Italian, particularly on the bike as that's where she really learned the language. She can still be heard talking to herself in Italian anytime she's pedaling alone. 
  • Faster than your average curator, her desire for speed is only paralleled by her insatiable appetite for gelato

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