The Jokester

The comic relief on team 52 Vincents, he’s here through next Tuesday, so remember to tip your waitress. A mild-mannered energy efficiency engineer by trade, he uses a lactic acid induced stupor, only attainable on a bicycle, as the antidote to all the facts and figures swirling around in his head. Three children and a wife who all ride give him the excuse needed to procure and maintain a bicycle fleet that is some 30 strong (and growing).

  • Member of 2011 NE Gent's Race winning team, the 52 Vincents 
  • 2001 North Atlantic Regional Time Trial Champion
  • Masters Cycle Racing Assoc. points series winner, 1996 and 1997
  • 6-time Connecticut time trial champ
  • Slower than Mother-of-Three in the 2011 Mt Greylock Hillclimb
  • Organizer of semi-epic rides that involve dirt, darkness, and place names like Rattlesnake Gutter, Fisherdick Rd, and the Cliffs of Insanity.
  • Faster than a tall building, funnier than a speeding bullet 

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