Vampire Slayer

For fear that his blood-sucking friends might seek revenge on us, we didn't stick around long enough to determine if the suicidal bird that used Vampire Slayer's leg as his final destination, was in fact a baby vampire. We did note that before impact, he was actually scared shitless, and left evidence of that on both the bike and bike shorts of the slayer. Vampire Slayer was a bit shy about taking credit for the kill, and later claimed she only stunned the creature, but we are all quite confident that the world is a safer place after seeing our tiny superhero in action!

  • Member of 2011 NE Gent's Race winning team, the 52 Vincents 
  • 2011 BUMPS series winner for women 20-29 
  • Tandem Record Holder (with The Fixer) for Saratoga Triple Lap Challenge
  • Winner of numerous 5 and 10 km running races 
  • Taller than a Bernese Mountain Dog. 

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